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Steps to Quitting or How I Came to Understand What I Needed

The beginnings of quitting. A list in need of collective growth. Benny LeMaster I can hardly believe that I am standing tall on day 21 (yup, 3 freakin weeks smoke-free!) and holding stronger than ever. There have been a number … Continue reading

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Day 19, smoke free update. And more.

It has been sometime since I last offered an update as to my smoke-free attempt. Well first and foremost, here I stand (trust me, I’m standing and typing right now) smoke free on my 19th day! As such, get the … Continue reading

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Day 3, Smoke Free. Updates.

Alrighty. Well here I am and to be perfectly honest, I have never felt so freaking fantastic in all my life. I would like to share with you three aspects/developments in my journey to quit smoking: (1) Wellbutrin and me … Continue reading

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