A Word on Me

Greetings! I am a doctoral student at Southern Illinois University, Carbondale. My primary fields include: intercultural communication and performance studies. Methodologically, I am a mess.

My research focuses include: Feminism(s), Queer Theory, Trans*gender Theory, Intercultural Communication, Ethnography, Performance Studies, Autoethnography, Critical Race Theory, Popular Culture, Media, Technology, Post-humanism, Spirituality/Religion/Faith, Performative Writing, and crip theory.

What you might find here are cultural critiques, meanderings, and experimental autoethnographic writings and performative writing. I invite discussion and direction as I am no expert in any of what I just noted.

This blog will link in interesting ways to my forthcoming collaborative YouTube channel: criticalpraxis. This channel parallels academic semesters and will feature four vloggers speaking on weekly topics. One day of the week (Friday) will remain open for those who might have something to add. Perhaps that is you. Let me know.

I believe in public intellectualism and that critique is not the same as hating something. Critique is good and we need to collectively learn to critique and to take critique so that we might grow.


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