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About Benny

My name is Benny LeMaster. I am an academic, activist, and artist. I research questions of identity, culture, and representation. I am interested in exploring ways to relate to one another in critically affirming ways. In terms of identity, I identify as queer, trans, mixed-race Asian/white, fat, and, frankly, fabulous. Let's talk!

My exchange with Linda Seiler, ex-trans Christian evangelical

Chi Alpha—a conservative evangelical student group—invited Linda Seiler to share her testimony on being ex-transgender (like ex-gay, but for transfolks). Through prayer, she became cisgender. Or something of the sort. Anyhow, some students (myself included) organized a counter protest and … Continue reading

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Sponsored Liberation is Oppression in Disguise

      Some students at the university where I both teach and learn are “questioning the presence” of a Chick-fil-A franchise on our campus. This questioning emerged after Chick-fil-A president, Dan Cathy, admitted in an interview with the Baptist … Continue reading

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At the crux of workplace rumors

I am frustrated that I have once more been swept up into someone else’s games. I learned this evening that there is someone who has taken it up themselves to spread rumors about me in order to avoid working with … Continue reading

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Toast/Speech for my brother’s wedding

I’ve thought long and hard about how to approach this speech and realized that every time I sat down to write, I couldn’t offer my words without also invoking our late brother Nate because as the three of us grew, … Continue reading

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where he enters so too does hetero-priv

Probably the only regular… no, routine dynamic of me and my father’s relationship is his denial of my queerness coupled with my distaste over his religiosity and blind dogma. Also, the text message updates letting me know where abouts the … Continue reading

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Dream recall

Below is a rough, quick write up of a dream recall. It is brief and it is unruly. Also, I mention cock… a lot. So be warned. — This morning. My eyes open and I slowly sit up in my … Continue reading

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I fear that I am getting lazy. My body, a constantly moving, shifting thing… is far more delicate than I like to admit, or acknowledge. As of late, as I transition from the title of graduate student to that of … Continue reading

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