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Sponsored Liberation is Oppression in Disguise

      Some students at the university where I both teach and learn are “questioning the presence” of a Chick-fil-A franchise on our campus. This questioning emerged after Chick-fil-A president, Dan Cathy, admitted in an interview with the Baptist … Continue reading

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Gay rights, hold the ageism

What saddens me is the ignorant desire to scapegoat something. Sadly the victim of scapegoating is always a group of some kind–but always a group of people. In the discourse of gay politics it tends to fall onto two groups of people: (1) religious group(s) and (2) old people. These are problematic and regressive for any social movement.

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In Whose Best Interest Do You Mean: Or How I Learned To Think For Myself

Let me be real for just a moment: I absolutely cringe when I hear somebody on the radio, on the street, on the ol’ television, or in my home say, “They are voting against their own best interest!”

Usually, and knowing my circles, this pertains to Democrats who say this about Republicans, particularly gay Repubs. Sure, I will admit, it is a bit beyond me, the whole Log Cabin/Gay Repub thing, but hey, that’s for them to decide–isn’t it. Continue reading

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